From Autumn 2022 – Spring 2024, myself and 11 other artists learnt about rewilding at the Knepp Estate, where a flagship project has been underway since 2001.  Knepp has been researching and exploring how we can work sustainably with nature, aiming to restore the biodiversity that has been lost in the UK.  By letting nature and her processes take the lead, Knepp has seen incredible success in the restored health of the landscape and its ecosystems, and has attracted many rare species, which now find a safe haven on the estate.  Home to many past and present scientific studies, Knepp aims to promote knowledge around ecology, biodiversity and sustainability, and to show a wider audience how crucial nature is to us as humans.  They are also creating green corridors and promoting rewilding further afield so that nature can move and flourish outside of the Estate.


Click to see the beautiful video made by Emily Malden

The Artists:

James Ort

Marian Haf

Nosey Mungo

Harriet Riddell

Hester Berry

Tom Shepherd

Lisa Curtis

Mikaela Bartlett

Jake Spicer

Lizzie Wheeler

Rowena Pearce

Peter Ward

Inspired by tours, talks, literature and conversations, we artists produced work in response to what we’ve learnt. The work was on show for two weeks at the Estate, at The Gathering, which is next to a new Restaurant and Farm Shop.  There is a good network of public footpaths so you can explore the estate for yourself, and experience the sights, smells and sounds of a healthy landscape.  You may see Exmoor ponies, Tamworth piglets, storks, maybe even a purple emperor butterfly or a turtle dove! The profits from the sales of artwork and accompanying events were split between the artists and the Knepp Wildland Foundation, to support their ongoing work in restoring nature for us and future generations