West Dean College, Chichester, UK

28 February – 1 March 2024


Spend time getting lost in the landscape painting. Discover and develop practical techniques in representing the landscape using oil paint, and learn how to transform your painting from a snapshot view to a confident expression of a landscape.

You will look at tone, using charcoal and oil paint to explore tonal relationships. You will also look in detail at colour mixing in order to recreate the colours that you perceive in the landscape in oil paint. This veracity to light and colour will enable you to free yourself with mark-making. You will explore how the physical application of paint can enhance your work, lending expression and the suggestion of non-visual elements to an oil painting. You will look at the work of other painters to inspire and gain insight into different techniques, as well as to understand the breadth of possible approaches to landscape painting. You will also look briefly at how artists collect source material, sketching and exploring the landscape through direct observation.

Everyone will have their own way of working, goals and questions. Your tutor will work with your unique needs and aims to help develop your individual practice.

By the end of the course, you will be able to make decisions on how to compress the natural spectrum of a landscape view into one which can be described by paint, to convincingly recreate a tonal piece. You will be able to use these decisions to aid you in your observation and processing of colour, mixing colours which more closely resemble those of the natural world. You will be able to call upon a range of marks to lend expression and movement to your subsequent paintings, adding more dimension, feeling and artistic licence to a work, elevating it from a snapshot view to a representation of an experience of a landscape.

West Dean College of Arts and Conservation – The Edward James Foundation Ltd
West Dean
Nr Chichester
West Sussex
PO18 0QZ