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Every business and hope that their employees have a sense of responsibility, good moral character and physical health. Human resources policies developed in many companies encourage employees to engage contain active in terms of number of times the compensation of employees from the gym membership fees, to provide free health checks and arrange vacation time to annual health checks. However, when the company from restrictions encourage positive behavior into employees' freedom of choice, and how the situation will happen? From the beginning of this week, will prohibit smoking within Timberland Company (Timberland) campus. Timberland's CEO Jeff Swartz (Jeff Swartz) through the company's blog, "Earth Keeper" (Earthkeepers) announced the change in policy. Here is an excerpt from his statement in paragraph: "In our company, a sharp rise in health care costs should be mainly attributed to two types of people: one is a life of self-indulgence of unhealthy lifestyles employees (overweight, cheap timberland boots,lack of exercise were), the other is like buying Philip Morris The company (Philip Morris Companies Inc, is the world's largest tobacco company) employees who refuse produced (covered in smoke as they are sexy). "Hey, this is New Hampshire, not liberty or give me death - but there is also Timberland Company, for the smoke that you can make their own choices, but do not smoke at work, we will not use the rapid expansion of medical expenses to. the wrong choice to pay for it. do not have to be a politician to understand this truth, it will not do the work of a tea party or cocktail party. Timberland Company prohibits smoking in the company. " It can be evaluated from the perspective of many decisions and Swartz Timberland statement. My mind surfaced four. 1. if he confuses the boundaries between work and personal responsibility? When advocated in his best interests of the company, he trampled on individual liberties? 2. For those who violate this provision will be what kind of punishment? This is consistent with the company's human resources policies it? Although he did not stand up and tell their employees between smoking and Timberland's work to make a choice, Swartz words left no doubt to give employees the impression: the pursuit of his own concept of good citizenship, has been prepared Good damage to the company brand loyalty. In his own words: "...... I do not seek to make a decision by an employee vote,black timberland boots women, as a CEO of the company, employees and the environment should bear the responsibility, and I will bear the consequences of the result of this provision - spoke very easy But action is often difficult - I did not feel any discomfort tough choice, and never will in this event to make you can call me and apologize, but do not say I did not as. ". 3. Swartz leadership Timberland Company has more than 30 years, during which the concept of "corporate responsibility" neither fashion nor respected. He made many tough decisions, while maintaining the company's profitability also adhere to the "triple bottom line principle" (referring to the economic bottom line,Discount timberland boots UK, environmental baseline and social baseline). From this perspective, the provisions of this announcement is it not another form of his employees, customers and environmental commitments passion statement? Advocates of sustainable development will certainly be said that this is a social responsibility into every decision made in business another step. In addition, president of Seventh Generation (Seventh Generation) Jeffrey Hollender's (Jeffrey Hollender), how many leaders you can count on the company's social responsibility (CSR) as the company's guiding principle decision? 4. Swartz now should provide incentives to employees to help them quit it? If this is the case, then those who have non-smoking employees? Do they not deserve some form of appreciation it? It mean that, in determining the commitment to corporate social responsibility too far ahead or you want to put into practice a brave, there is risk of damaging brand loyalty. You can make your own judgments.